Balance between Nutrition and Life


Meet Aidsa Rodriguez RD, LDN

I've been very passionate about fitness and health for the past 10+ years which has made an impact on my life and those around me. As a former bodybuilder, I learned what it took to be disciplined and to change those habits that were inhibiting or worsening my personal health.

After so many years of learning and growing, I decided to devote myself to changing the eating patterns and lifestyle choices of other individuals. I was challenged to the best of my abilities during my internship at the Orlando VA in Lake Nona, where I was able to put my knowledge and skills to work. After earning my bachelor's degree in nutrition and dietetics, I was quickly hired as a clinical registered dietitian in Advent Health East Orlando hospital. My role is to help individuals make lifestyle changes that will benefit them in their future while also attending to those in more critical condition. 

With my experience as a licensed, registered dietitian, it is my responsibility to give you evidence-based information and guidelines, while continuously educating myself on the most recent research to help you succeed and achieve your goals.



I'll work with you, wherever you are.

Weight Management

Healthy Eating For Your Heart

Healthy Eating For Type 2 Diabetes

Healthy Eating For Gut Health

Healthy Eating For Your Kidneys

Healthy Eating For Hair, Skin, and Nails


Nutrition can be overwhelming due to the large amount of contradicting and misleading information on the Internet and social media. NUBALI is here to give you peace of mind by providing the latest evidence-based research and guidelines to help with your individual health and nutrition goals. We help you find balance between your nutrition and life.

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